The Development Manager is a half-time contracted role providing fundraising and business development services for 12 food hubs across the state of Hawai’i, to assist them with identifying and securing further resources for their food systems work. This role will work directly with leadership from both the Hawai’i Good Food Alliance and the Hawai’i Food Hub Hui,the twelve food hubs, as well as various partners and food systems stakeholders.

The Development Manager will primarily be responsible for leading the development of philanthropic partnerships to support selected food hubs and cultivate existing and new donor interest in food systems. With the goal to secure a minimum of $1.2M in food hub investments by the end of the project period, this position will focus on scaling food hubs across the islands by supporting their fundraising needs. 

Duties include:

  • convening strategic communication opportunities to engage various industry partners to elevate food hubsʻ opportunities;  
  • secure presentation opportunities, meetings, and coverage with important and influential industry stakeholders such as buyers, politicians, government agencies, media, and others;
  • advocating for food hubs with institutional buyers and partners; 
  • coordinating development of multi-year projects; 
  • and managing prospect pipeline tracking, meeting coordination, partner coordination, and related documentation.

The Development Manager ideally possesses these desired qualifications: 

  • a basic understanding of how Hawai’i’s food system works and the stakeholders involved;
  • experience with designing partnership and fundraising strategies for system level projects in Hawai’i; 
  • demonstrated experience successfully fundraising via engaging foundations, individual donors, and other income-generating partnerships with multi-million dollar results;
  • and no current or expected conflict of interest with other food systems clients.

The project period is January 2022 to October 2024, with a budget for $60,000 annually, expected to be approximately half-time (20 hours/week).
If interested, please send resume and cover letter to