Hawaiʻi Farmers Market Association

Representatives from each county in Hawaiʻi that promotes local agriculture and supports farmers markets to provide farmers and vendors with the opportunity to sell locally-grown produce and products directly to consumers, while also fostering community connections, promoting sustainable agriculture practices, and increasing equitable local food purchasing.

A working group of the Hawaiʻi Good Food Alliance (HGFA), The Hawaiʻi Farmers Market Association (HFMA) was formed in 2020 from a group of food systems leaders seeing the need for more technical support for the most on-the-ground access to local food, farmers markets.

In addition to supporting local farmers markets, the HFMA also works to educate the public on the importance of supporting local agriculture and eating fresh, healthy foods. The organization hosts workshops and events that focus on sustainable agriculture practices, food safety, and nutrition.

The HFMA is also committed to promoting sustainable agriculture practices that protect Hawaiʻi’s unique natural resources. By supporting markets that facilitate supporting those who use sustainable farming methods, the HFMA is helping to preserve Hawaiʻi’s agricultural heritage for future generations.


Hawaiʻi Farmers Market Association

Established in 2020

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Tanner Keys

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Tanner Keys
Hawaiʻi Farmers Market Association

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